In today’s modern society it has never been more important for businesses to maximise their marketing potential in order to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and promotional tools to ensure they remain relevant and competitive within their marketplace.

Number 19 Marketing’s purpose is to consult and support companies in strengthening their marketing operations and output by offering expert guidance and resources across a variety of different areas.


A key service we offer here at Number 19 Marketing is general support to clients who require assistance in the day-to-day running of their marketing operations. We provide cost-efficient assistance in the management of specific projects to alleviate over-bearing workloads on marketing teams allowing staff resources to be utilised more effectively across other tasks.

This also includes the aforementioned services which we provide such as graphic design and digital expertise.

Whether unwittingly or not, it is a fact that we interact and engage with brands on a day-to-day to basis. Your brand represents how the general public perceive your business or product therefore it is essential that you obtain a brand identity that evokes the appropriate emotions you desire from the marketplace.

Number 19 Marketing can assist with every aspect in supporting your brand from identity generation, development, tone of voice and positioning. Whether it’s a new or maturing brand we will help ensure it reaches its optimum potential.

Online communication is the most effective form of consumer engagement for brands and is an integral factor in how many successful businesses market themselves to their target audience. Not only do you want a user friendly website that showcases your business in a clear and engaging manner but in today’s digital era it is also extremely important to ensure it is compatible with the variety of mobile devices that are available.

Our team of digital experts can help build and develop an easy to use, captivating website for your business no matter what its purpose may be or how it is being viewed.

From logos,to advertisements to online marketing campaigns, our talented group of graphic designers can provide the highest of quality artwork that befits our clients’ requirements.

Have a look around the site to view some examples we’ve been working on recently.

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools that can be used to promote a product or service with the influence of social media providing a platform that can allow a film’s content to be open to a worldwide audience.

Number 19 Marketing has all bases covered in this area as we can provide creative, production and editing services for any type of video promotion.


Check out some of our latest projects that we’ve been working on.

Celtic FC Foundation

Number 19 Marketing have a fresh and compelling approach to marketing that challenges the norm. They have worked on various projects for us and bring an energy and expertise, which suits our needs. They can deliver a tailored marketing solution across multiple platforms efficiently and effectively with their own creative outlook

Tony Hamilton - CEO

SAFC Foundation of Light

Number 19 Marketing offered the SAFC Foundation of Light a fresh and innovative outlook towards our Matchday Experience marketing campaign. Their expertise allowed us to identify key areas of focus and he was responsible for producing a cutting edge promotional video for our packages which has contributed to an increase in sales

Brett McGoldrick - Business Development Manager

A key service we offer here at Number 19 Marketing is support to your business’ marketing operations.  Should you require expert assistance in managing important tasks or projects then we can offer the resources to help.

We can assist with every aspect in supporting your brand from identity generation, development, tone of voice and positioning